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Thermostat Repair & Replace in Los Angeles

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The thermostat is an integral component of your HVAC system. If your HVAC system is not working correctly, the thermostat is the first thing you should troubleshoot. At Universal Heating & Air, we can provide excellent service and replace or repair any variety or brand of thermostats in the business!

thermostat repairs in los angeles
Let’s keep your thermostat ticking over smoothly!

thermostat iconThe Best Thermostat Services in Los Angeles, CA!

When it comes to repairing or replacing a heating and cooling system, you want to work with the best of the best in the Los Angeles area. Whether you have a top-of-the-line programmable or Wi-Fi-enabled model, or a nonprogrammable unit that has been controlling your system for decades, we are here to help.

Broken Thermostat? Same Day Service!

Your HVAC system isn’t working, and you suspect the thermostat is the culprit. Don’t spend hours trying to figure out if the thermostat is broken; instead, pick up your phone and give the team at Universal Heating & Air a call.

We can provide you with same-day service. A representative will inspect your existing thermostat to determine if that model can be repaired or if a new thermostat installation is warranted.

No matter what the case, we can swap out or repair your existing Thermostat in a matter of minutes!

cool air temperature check
Our team will check the temperature of your cool and warm air flow

Your Existing Thermostat Stopped Working? Our HVAC Technicians Are Here to Help!

Nothing is more disheartening than waking up in the morning to discover your air conditioner has stopped blowing cool air or your furnace isn’t turning on. Either way, the thermostat is the initial thing a professional HVAC technician will examine.

The pros at Universal Heating & Air can service any variety of Los Angeles thermostats. Our team has the proper tools, equipment, and expertise to diagnose the issue. If a new thermostat installation is recommended, we can help you choose the right thermostat for your needs and budget!

Can’t Automatically Adjust Your Air Conditioner? We Have a Technician Near You!

A functional air conditioner is a necessity in Los Angeles or Long Beach, where the temperature can rise above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you cannot automatically adjust the temperature settings on your air conditioner, don’t try to solve the problem on your own instead, give the fine team at Universal Heating & Air a call!

Newer, high-tech thermostats can be tricky to operate, especially models that your smartphone operates.

Our technicians are well-versed in every make, model, and style of thermostat in the business. This means that no matter how advanced the system, we can help you adjust your air conditioning system to a cooler, more comfortable temperature.

full HVAC diagnostic los angeles
Our crew will perform a full diagnostic on your HVAC system so we can locate the best way to repair your thermostat

smart thermostatWe Repair, Replace, & Install Thermostats for All Air Conditioners

No matter what brand or model of air conditioner currently in your Los Angeles home, we can repair, upgrade, and install a brand-new thermostat. Here is exactly what you can expect during your thermostat inspection, repair, or installation:

  • The technician will turn off your HVAC system and inspect the existing thermostat.
  • The technician will use a multimeter tool to ensure an electrical current is coming to the thermostat and that the air conditioner is working correctly.
  • Repairs will be made if the tech determines it is more feasible to perform the repair. Depending on the type of fix, it could take several minutes to a couple of hours to make the necessary repairs.
  • The technicians might install a new thermostat. The Universal Heating & Air representative will provide you with a no-obligation free quote before installing a new model.

Whether you wind up repairing or replacing your thermostat, the technician will calibrate the unit. This step is critical to ensure the temperature reading on the screen is as accurate as possible.

inspecting all types of hvac
Believe us when we say there isn’t an HVAC that we do not know about and we’ll have the proper skills to get yours up and running again!

repair manFree Inspection of Your Heating & Cooling System

In addition to the repair or replacement of your current thermostat, our technicians will also inspect your heating and cooling system. During the inspection process, the company representative will examine all the components of your HVAC system, including the air conditioner, furnace, and vents, to ensure they are working properly.

Need an emergency repair? Don’t worry because we have you covered. Our techs can perform a same-day repair. Don’t be surprised when a simple inspection can save you hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars on future repairs.

free estimate for thermostat repair
We do not believe you should hand over a ton of money simply to get an estimate. We are happy to provide quotes for your repairs free of charge!

free estimates for thermostat workFree Price Estimates for Thermostat Installation

The average cost of having a professional replace the Thermostat on a central air conditioning system is anywhere between $200 and $500. The cost depends on the number of thermostats you are having installed in your home or the brand or model of the thermostat.

Before we begin the repair or installation, we always provide our customer with a free estimate for the labor and parts. You are under no obligation to have the thermostat repair or installation completed.

smart thermostat installations for your HVAC
Take more control over your home air quality with a smart thermostat!

new smart thermostatTake Your Air Conditioning System to the Next Level with a Smart Thermostat

Thermostat technology has come a long way, and many homeowners are enjoying the convenience of smart thermostats. Here are just a few of the several reasons why you should contact Universal Heating & Air to discuss every advantage that comes with having a smart thermostat professionally installed by one of our outstanding representatives:

  • Control your thermostat from your smartphone! Imagine being able to control your smart thermostat from your bedroom, car, or even place of business! Many smart thermostats have this feature, which will allow you to adjust the temperature inside your house from almost anywhere!
  • Increased visibility and temperature control. Many homeowners don’t realize the enormous amount of money and energy they waste simply because they cannot read the numbers on their current thermostats. Smart thermostats feature easy-to-read digital screens that are easy to read and operate.
  • Save money on your monthly heating and cooling bills. Who doesn’t want to save money? Because the smart unit can be fully programmed, you can easily adjust the settings according to your family’s needs. Some thermostats even feature motion sensors that adjust the temperature based on your family’s movements inside the house.
  • Increased energy-efficiency. The ability to adjust the temperature of your thermostat at the touch of a button, whether on the model itself or your smartphone, allows you to adjust the air conditioning anywhere and at any time. This can increase the unit’s energy efficiency, which can save the environment while saving you money.
new ac unit
New AC unit? Hook it up to a smart thermostat for the best air quality results

The Top-Rated Thermostats for Your House

Want to install a top-of-the-line model in your house but aren’t sure which model or manufacturer is right for you? Don’t worry because, at Universal Heating & Air, we can help you make an informed decision. Here are a few of the best options in smart technology that will help you control your air conditioning system with ease:

Nest Thermostat

Manufactured by Nest Lab, the Nest Thermostat has several advantages over other smart thermostats. The Nest is easy to install and operate, and some models are equipped with another cool feature: Voice-enabled technology.

This means that you can control your Nest Thermostat with your AI assistant, including Amazon Alexa. Nest is an excellent option if you want a sleek model that is also energy-efficient.

Honeywell Thermostat

A top name in HVAC technology, we install a large number of Honeywell thermostats throughout the Long Beach and Los Angeles areas, and for a good reason. Installing a Honeywell Thermostat can save you money, and various options are available, including more cost-effective nonprogrammable models.

Honeywell offers several energy-efficient models that will fit any price range. Whether you are heating or cooling your Los Angeles home, you can find a Honeywell model that will provide you with all the services you could ever need.

Ecobee Thermostat

Do you want a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat that is sleek and elegant but can still get the job done? Ecobee thermostats will look fantastic in any space and are equipped with several unrivaled features, including a portable temperature sensor and motion sensor technology.

Venstar Thermostat

Do you want your current model replaced with an easy-to-operate thermostat that can save you money? Venstar is a top name in the HVAC industry. There are several models to choose from, and a representative from our business can install the thermostat in a few minutes.

thermostat repair or replace
Depending on your units lifespan, we can determine if your thermostat needs a full replacement or if repairs will be sufficient

Can Thermostats be Repaired?

Yes, in many cases, thermostat repair is possible. However, if your thermostat is older and less energy-efficient, we might recommend other thermostat services, including upgrading your current model to smart technology.

Do You Need a Professional to Change a Thermostat?

You can install a new thermostat on your own. However, there is one central point that many homeowners overlook: thermostat calibration. Failure to properly calibrate your thermostat can cost you a lot of money simply because the temperature readout will not be accurate.

If you aren’t taking precautions and calibrating the thermostat, you could lose a lot of money.

Instead, choose the easy, convenient option and leave the installation of your thermostat to the team at Universal Heating & Air.

Can Anyone Change a Thermostat?

Not anyone can swap out a thermostat, especially if you are upgrading to a state-of-the-art smart thermostat. Smart technology can often be tricky, especially for beginners. Our team can handle the initial installation, program the thermostat, and help you understand the controls.

Allowing a professional to handle this job might mean a larger initial investment. However, the cost-saving potential of learning how to properly program and control your new thermostat.

At Universal Heating & Air, teaching you how to properly control your air conditioning system is one of the many thermostat services we offer!

Can I Just Buy a New Thermostat?

If your thermostat is malfunctioning, and you aren’t familiar with thermostat repair or replacement, your first instinct might be to swap out the current model instead of seeking professional service.

Before you head to your local house improvement or hardware store, realize several potential issues you can fix at home. For example, in many cases, your thermostat is not heating or cooling your home correctly simply because the batteries are dead.

If you swap out the batteries, but the thermostat still isn’t as hot or cold as you would want, pick up the phone and give us a call. We can troubleshoot your unit to determine if repairs or installing a new model is warranted.

call us today for free HVAC quote
Call us today to learn more about our HVAC and thermostat repairs!

Call Universal Heating & Air for A Thermostat Replacement in Los Angeles, CA

Need a business that can expertly handle a new thermostat installation for your cooling system? Have several questions about smart technology? No matter what the issue, you can always contact the fantastic team at Universal.

With over 30 years of experience servicing and repairing the HVAC systems of Los Angeles-area homeowners, our company can provide you with convenient options for all your HVAC needs.

In addition to smart tech installation, you can contact us to service and fix your heat and cooling system. From a blown evaporator coil or air filter cleaning to a whole house replacement of your entire HVAC system, you can pick up the phone and call us to handle any problem.

We pride ourselves on keeping costs down without sacrificing quality and integrity. Universal Heating & Air is determined and in the business of saving you a huge amount of money while ensuring your space is as hot or cold as you want.

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