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Commercial AC Repair Los Angeles

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Running a business is an actual labor of love. It takes hard work, dedication, knowledge, and consistency to create a company and even more effort to maintain a healthy work environment. When your commercial HVAC system is causing you issues – that environment can be compromised, and that is the last thing anyone wants to deal with in the Los Angeles summer.

Universal Heating & Air is Southern California’s go-to commercial air conditioning installation and repair company. We provide expert technicians, competitive prices, and customer satisfaction for our commercial clients!

network of hvac pipes
A lot of working parts go into your commercial HVAC; a problem in one place can cause issues for the whole unit

commercial hvac iconCommercial Air Conditioning Repair Los Angeles – Universal Heating & Air

If you have a problem with your commercial HVAC systems, it can wreak havoc in the workplace. We all rely on AC units to keep us cool in the Los Angeles heat, but things can go left quickly when your cooling system is not working properly. Commercial HVAC systems require commercial knowledge and strength; luckily, Universal Heating and Air Los Angeles is the team for the job!

Expert Commercial Air Conditioning Repair Services in Los Angeles

Your business deserves the best – your building deserves premium indoor air quality and air conditioning. You can’t spend time working when dealing with a broken commercial AC unit! Universal Heating and Air in Los Angeles, CA, make your business our top priority, and that is why we only offer the best service and the most reasonable repair costs.

Experienced Heating & AC Care for Your Business

Fifty years of experience in residential and commercial AC services have provided us with a tremendous amount of knowledge…and yes, we have seen just about everything there is to see with commercial air conditioning.

Expertise does not evolve overnight – our technicians work tirelessly to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We are an H

VAC company that prides itself on serving our customers to the very best of our ability. We supply support, customer service, and a wide range of high-end HVAC equipment tailored to your business needs.

HVAC servicing in los angeles
All of our crew are certified technicians with over 50 years of HVAC experience

elite hvac services for youElite Commercial Services in Los Angeles

Los Angeles industrial HVAC services have to be taken seriously. If you are searching for a commercial AC company to provide support – look no further than Universal Heating and Air. We can assist you in installing a new unit, emergency calls, maintenance services, and repairs.

When you work with us, you can rest assured your business is in good hands as all of our services include:

  • NATE & EPA certified professional technicians.
  • Competitive prices and a free quote on any air conditioning repair needs!
  • Licensed, Bonded & Insured business with over five decades of experience in residential & commercial HVAC services.
  • Customer Service in Los Angeles for our neighbors and friends in the LA area.
  • Quality HVAC equipment and a variety of options for installation.
  • Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed for your HVAC systems and services.

Our Commercial HVAC Services

Our team of professionals is devoted to serving your Los Angeles business with the most reliable AC repair available. We will investigate and assess any commercial HVAC issues you are experiencing and provide a free quote for your repair solutions. No matter how big or small the problem is – it is our priority to supply a quick and efficient resolution.

Our commercial HVAC services include the following:

  • Drainage Repair
  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Frozen or Evaporated Coils
  • Fans & Blower Repairs
  • Compressor Repairs
  • Condensation Pump Repair
  • Drain Line Maintenance & Repair
  • Air Ducts
  • Circuit Board Repair & Replacement
  • General Troubleshooting
  • And so much more…

How Commercial HVAC Systems Work

Commercial HVAC services in Los Angeles, CA, are somewhat similar to residential. We know how hot California can get, and your business suffers if your HVAC system is compromised. Our technicians are highly trained to complete the job required and regulate the temperature within the building.

Commercial HVAC systems have a lot in common with residential systems, but there are also some significant differences…

  1. Commercial HVAC equipment is larger because you typically have a larger space, and your heating and air conditioning needs differ from residential options.
  2. A commercial HVAC system is more powerful as it needs to cool a larger area, whereas a residential unit is only responsible for one household.
  3. You will find that commercial HVAC systems are more complex mechanically and generally run using a multi-split system. Because of this, they usually require more maintenance as well.
commercial hvac unit los angeles
Your commercial HVAC unit is safe in our professional hands!

trust in our hvac servicesCommercial HVAC Repair Services that You Can Trust

A Los Angeles commercial business requires commercial AC & HVAC services they can trust. Our company is fully committed to supplying our expertise for reliable, energy-efficient, and innovative HVAC system repair. It is our mission to ensure your HVAC system is in working order so you can stay focused on what is really important – your business. We know you are busy and want to ensure that we support a comfortable environment for your office and employees!

Commercial Heating

Our team of experts is heating and air conditioning very well. When it comes to Los Angeles winters, let’s just say Californians aren’t great in the cold. Heat is a basic necessity for everyone, and a sound heating system is necessary to stay warm in the colder months. Our business provides a multitude of commercial heating services:

  • Heating Repair
  • Emergency Services
  • Heating Installation or Replacement
  • Heat Maintenance
  • Ductwork
  • Filter Change and Cleaning
  • Speciality Repairs or Replacement

Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Staying cool is non-negotiable, and our commercial customers can count on their HVAC system with our air conditioning services. We offer a variety of AC service options:

hvac installation los angeles
Installation of your new HVAC will be smooth and effortless with our guys at the helm

hvac replacement and installationIndustrial HVAC System Installation and Replacement

Your Los Angeles commercial business requires the latest technology in HVAC systems! We offer installation and replacement options if we determine repairs are insufficient or would be too costly to complete. And the most incredible part? You will have a team of experts to provide support every step of the way!


Commercial AC installation requires a tremendous amount of precision and care. We will ensure that you are provided with all the options and avenues available to your business, and our team will work with you to install the perfect system for your space!

Replacement & Repair Options

Whenever possible, we will offer replacement parts for your HVAC systems. We offer a wide range of prominent and reliable brands for replacement parts and repair. When something goes wrong, our technicians will be there to resolve the problem and assist in preventing it.

Maintenance Services in Los Angeles

Maintenance is recommended for both commercial and residential HVAC systems. If you want anything to run stronger or last longer, you must properly attend to things. Our team offers routine maintenance services with different plan options depending on your HVAC systems and needs. Being proactive and taking preventative steps to preserve your cooling system doesn’t only help to maintain the unit but also helps to optimize your air conditioner!

industrial hvac services
No project is too large for our team of experts. Call us today and let’s check out your HVAC!

commercial clients in los angelesQuality Contractor for Industrial HVAC Services in Southern California

Warehouses, retail, and office buildings need powerful HVAC equipment to maintain a conservative climate throughout the space. To conserve comfort – quality HVAC services are also obligatory. Universal Heating and Air services the Los Angeles community and surrounding areas. We make your business HVAC needs – our business.

Industrial strength isn’t developed overnight, and neither was our company. We have worked tirelessly to establish relationships with our commercial clients and continue to work to maintain those relationships. Your cooling is our priority, and we want to ensure that all of your needs are met.

Indicators That Your Commercial HVAC Needs Service

Preventing an air conditioning or heating disaster can be done with proper maintenance and calling at the first sign of a problem. As an AC unit ages, so does its parts, and it can be worn down over time. The average HVAC system has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Sometimes your air conditioning just gets old, and other times it can break down, resulting in costly repairs. 

Keep your eye out for the following circumstances so you know when it is time to bring in the professionals…

Higher Utility Bills

Have you noticed your energy bills rising? If you are seeing a sharp increase in your heating and air conditioning costs – this could be a sign to service your system. While newer air conditioners are energy efficient, if you are operating with an older system over time, you will see higher energy bills. This is a sign that your air conditioner is not running efficiently, and it is time to bring in an HVAC company for your commercial needs.

Uneven Heating and Cooling Systems

Is your air conditioner not running quite like it used to? Commercial AC should have commercial strength. If your AC feels lackluster, it is time to contact AC services you can trust. Are your vents blowing out lukewarm air? Your HVAC system should be pumping air and maintain its full range of abilities at all times, especially when you are in a commercial or office building.

Loud Noises or Odors Coming from Your HVAC Systems

Is there air coming out of all of your vents but a strange noise or odor accompanies it? If your air conditioner is making any kind of speaking or grinding noises, that is something that needs to be addressed promptly. Strange odors can also be a significant issue for indoor air quality and must be assessed as quickly as possible, as your commercial heating system could be compromised,

Aged AC System & Heating Units

Is your HVAC system aging? HVAC equipment will last you a couple of decades, but as time persists, so does the quality of your cooling and heating units. If your commercial HVAC system is older and it is having issues regulating the temperature in your building – it may be time to reach out for maintenance, repairs, or replacement.

Technical Malfunction

Are you experiencing breakdowns in your heating and air conditioning? If you constantly have technical issues with your HVAC equipment resulting in expensive repairs – it may be time to consider new units entirely. Our Los Angeles commercial technicians can easily repair or install new units for your commercial business or building. It is our job to ultimately ensure the safety and comfort of our commercial customers while providing all of their cooling needs!

bad air quality
Don’t settle for stale air! Pick up the phone and let us turn your air quality around!

better air qualityImprove Your Indoor Air Quality Today

If your air conditioning unit is having issues, you have experienced a breakdown, or you are worried about a possible malfunction – keep your system updated and in working order by relying on our expertise and team of technicians at Universal Heating and Air. We will provide a free estimate and thorough consultation to understand your HVAC needs and requirements better.

Our five-star air conditioning repair, installation, maintenance, and replacement service are meant to fully support your place of business in providing peace of mind and elite cooling. We are available 24/7 around the clock to aid in long-term solutions and high-quality products.

Are you interested in learning more? Call (323) 763-5777 and speak with our customer care team to schedule our free quote and assessment today.

We look forward to assisting you with any commercial AC Repair-Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange County!

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