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commercial ac installation services in los angeles

Commercial AC Installation Services in Los Angeles

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Are you a commercial property owner who is considering upgrading your system? Do you want a more energy-efficient AC unit that can still keep your staff and clients comfortable all summer long? At Universal Heating & Air, we understand the unique needs of commercial property owners.

Our amazing team of trained, background-checked, and well-trained professionals is ready and available to ensure that your commercial AC unit and HVAC system as a whole are running properly, both now and in the future.

commercial ac unit los angeles
No commercial HVAC is too large for the hands of our skilled professionals!

repair iconThe Best Commercial Air Conditioning Repair in Los Angeles

We don’t mean to brag, but if you do a quick search of commercial heating and air conditioning installation services in Los Angeles and throughout Orange County, you will quickly discover that as far as our customers are concerned, Universal Heating & Air is simply the best.

Whether you need immediate commercial air conditioning repair or to upgrade your AC unit and all its components completely, we offer a full range of exceptional services in Los Angeles.

removing old commercial HVAC

Out with the old, in with the new…some relics are simply not worth clinging onto and you deserve some new technology heating your business

warning signsSigns You Need a New Commercial Air Conditioning System Installation

Unlike residential HVAC systems, which are smaller and easier to manage and maintain, chances are you, as a commercial property owner or maintenance technician, won’t be able to determine if you can repair a commercial AC unit or if it is better to remove the old unit and replace it.

Here are a few telltale signs that it is time to have your current air commercial air conditioning system replaced:

High Energy Bills

If you are like most commercial property or business owners, chances are your energy bills are beginning to skyrocket. The average electricity usage for common commercial and business devices is rising, and most business owners spend thousands of dollars each year on their air conditioning services alone.

Suppose your utility bills are rising, but you are not consuming any additional energy, or the numbers don’t add up. In that case, chances are it is time to replace your existing commercial air conditioning unit rather than opting for a potentially costly repair.

new commercial hvac

The Unit’s Age

On average, most well-maintained commercial HVAC and commercial air conditioning systems will last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. When commercial AC units become older, they not only require additional repairs and maintenance, they are not as energy efficient as they once were.

Suppose your existing commercial HVAC system is getting older, and you want to enjoy the perks that come with newer, more efficient commercial air conditioning equipment. In that case, it is time to consider an upgrade.

You Are Concerned with Your Property’s Air Quality

As a commercial business owner, your clients’ and staff’s health and welfare are a top priority. However, did you know that your older, commercial HVAC system can have a dramatically negative effect on your property’s indoor air quality?

If your staff and clients suffer from common health issues, from asthma to seasonal allergies, the air inside your structure could worsen their symptoms. At Universal Heating & Air, our EPA-certified technicians can help you choose the best commercial AC unit that can dramatically improve the air quality of your commercial business.

clear skies but dirt air particles
Don’t be fooled by the clear skies…dust particles in the air can cause havoc with your HVAC unit

Several Major Components Are in Disrepair

It is common for a commercial AC unit to frequent repairs. These can also be costly repairs, especially if you are consistently replacing key components, including the evaporator coil or condenser.

If your HVAC system requires multiple repairs, and the combined cost of all AC repairs will be far more than the replacement value of the current unit, it is time to upgrade your commercial air conditioner.

Ready to discover just how much easier your life can be when you upgrade your commercial AC unit? Give the professionals at Universal Heating & Air a call to discuss your options and obtain a free estimate.

Constant Short Cycling

Is your commercial air conditioning system constantly turning on and off, and you are not able to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the building? If so, chances are you are experiencing a common HVAC issue called “short cycling.” There are several common causes of short cycling, from something as simple as a blown fuse to a more difficult and complicated problem.

Unfortunately, if short cycling is a constant issue that is left unrepaired for several months, the wear and tear it can have on the system can be devastating. In most cases, if the cause of short cycling is expensive to repair and the HVAC system is much older, your technician will often recommend replacing the entire system.

different commercial hvac systems
There are a great many types of commercial HVAC’s out there. We have seen and worked with them all!

commercial hvac systemCommon Types of Commercial HVAC Systems

Not all air conditioners are created equally, and there are several key features on commercial HVAC units that must be present and are often not found on typical residential HVAC units, including:

  • Ventilation
  • Air filtration
  • Air humidification and dehumidification

Ready to upgrade your Los Angeles, CA, commercial air conditioner? Here are the most popular and common options available to our commercial clients:

Central Air Conditioner

A great option for smaller commercial properties, commercial central air conditioners work in the same way that residential units operate. The air is cooled and travels through ducts that distribute the air throughout the property.

This is often the most cost-effective option and requires less commercial air conditioning repair and maintenance. However, if you have a larger commercial property, it might not be the most efficient option.

Mini-Split, Ductless Systems

Another commercial air conditioning system that also resembles its residential counterpart, a mini-split system, is a single unit that is attached to the wall. The unit is split, with half being inside and half outside the structure. If you have a small commercial property in Los Angeles, such as a coffee house or a boutique, two to three mini-split air conditioning units could suffice.

This is a cost-effective option that also requires less regular commercial HVAC maintenance, as well.

vrf vent unit
VRF systems are more like a network of independent units rather than a single entity which can be useful for large businesses

Variable Refrigerant Flow System

If you own or operate a larger commercial building, your commercial HVAC technician might recommend a variable refrigerant, or VRF, system. This variety of air conditioning systems features one central outdoor unit connected to several smaller units spread throughout the building.

If you have ever relaxed in a hotel with air conditioning, there is a chance the structure utilized a VRF system.

A VRF system is a unique type of air conditioning equipment because it allows the user to control each particular unit.

Vapor Compression Chiller
The mighty “chiller”. There is no mistaking these units given their massive size and impact with commercial clients

Vapor Compression Chillers

“Chillers” are the largest type of commercial AC units and are typically rated by the ton. There are two main types of chillers: an air-cooler chiller and a water-cooler chiller. Both types of systems chill water that is then used to cool the building.

These types of industrial HVAC systems are reserved for very large commercial structures. These are the most expensive variety of commercial AC units to purchase and have installed, repaired, and maintained.

installing HVAC
Because no two HVAS systems are alike, it’s tricky to estimate a timeline until we’ve personally inspected your project

time to repair hvac systemHow Long Does it Take to Completely Install a Commercial AC System?

The time it takes to have your commercial AC unit installed depends on several factors. For example, if you have the AC or HVAC unit installed on a new construction property, it will typically take less time because you do not have an existing unit removed.

The size of the building and the variety of AC system that is being put in will also impact the time it takes to complete the installation.

The crew at Universal Heating & Air will provide you with an approximate timeline, along with a free estimate of the cost of all their commercial services, including parts and labor.

crane loading HVAC
Ancillary services – just as crane lifting – all contribute to the cost of your HVAC installation

cost of hvac repairsWhat Is the Average Cost of a New Commercial Air Conditioning Installation in Los Angeles, CA?

The average cost of installing a commercial AC system on your commercial property will typically cost anywhere between $5,000 and $45,000. Several factors will influence the overall cost of various air conditioning systems in Los Angeles, CA, including:

  • The size of the building
  • The type of AC unit or system
  • Brand
  • Retrofitting a system versus installation of an AC system in a newly constructed building
  • Cost of controls and automation

Once again, our team will discuss the different cooling and HVAC options with you and provide you with a very detailed estimate of the overall cost of your new AC unit.

Sign up for HVAC maintenance program
Sign up for our HVAC maintenance program and you’ll never miss another check-up!

hvac maintenance programSign Up for a Commercial HVAC System Maintenance Program

Having an energy-efficient commercial HVAC system is only the first step. You also need to ensure that the heating and air conditioning are working properly when you need them the most. We offer an array of commercial HVAC system maintenance programs and services that will fit the need and budget of your company or business.

What can you expect when you sign up for a commercial air conditioning maintenance program in Los Angeles, CA, through Universal Heating & Air? Our highly trained technicians will inspect every component of your commercial air conditioning system to ensure it is working properly, including:

  • Measure the coolant and make any repairs to the coolant lines
  • Conduct several safety tests
  • Inspect all electrical components
  • Calibrate the thermostat

If any repairs are necessary, we will provide you with free estimates on all the parts and labor. With proper maintenance and an occasional commercial AC repair, our team can keep your system up and running for several years to come!

HVAC repair services
Whatever servicing your commercial HVAC is in need of, our team has all the experience to get the job done

hvac service repairsReliable and High-Quality Commercial HVAC Service and Repairs

We are a full-service HVAC company that can also perform any necessary repairs to your Los Angeles, CA, commercial air conditioner. Here are some of the most common commercial AC repairs we perform:

  • Repair a damaged compressor
  • Condensation pump repair and replacement
  • AC duct repair and replacement
  • Defrost and repair a frozen evaporator coil

The team at Universal Heating & Air has over 50 years of experience providing unmatched residential and industrial HVAC services to our amazing customers around Los Angeles.

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Commercial client satisfaction is our top priority!

call us todayContact Us for Your Commercial Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Needs

At Universal Heating & Air, we provide a wide variety of commercial HVAC services to our amazing customers in Los Angeles, CA. We can repair or replace commercial air conditioners manufactured by the top brands in the business, including:

  • Amana
  • AAON Heating and Cooling Products
  • Addison HVAC
  • American Standard
  • Seeley International
  • Frigidaire Commercial Air Conditioners
  • Daikin Applied
  • Carrier Commercial Air Conditioners
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Reach out to us today and see what we can do for your business!

breathe easilyBreathe Easy with Commercial HVAC Services by Universal Heating & Air

Our technicians are guaranteed to provide you with great service and can perform any job, including HVAC maintenance, installation, and repairs. When you work with Universal Heating & Air, you can rest assured that your employees and clients will always be cool and comfortable!

Why should you choose Universal Heating & Air instead of the other qualified commercial air conditioning systems companies in the Los Angeles area? We have a proven track record (check our reviews) of success and thousands of satisfied commercial and residential customers.

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We have over 50 years experience serving businesses like yours. Call us today for a free quote!

Here is What Our Wonderful Customers Have Said About Universal Heating & Air in Los Angeles, CA!

persona andrew cMy business operating costs plummeted after my new system was installed!

“The HVAC system in my commercial building was over 20 years old. After researching air conditioning systems, I concluded a mini-split system was the best option for my small boutique. The guys from Universal were able to install two units, and they more than meet all my cooling needs. The maintenance is minimal, and I don’t have to worry about huge repair costs.” – Andrew Carnes, Los Angeles, CA

persona rochelle eUniversal heating & repair really cares about customer satisfaction, and a job well done!

“I have been a proud business owner in the Los Angeles, CA, area for over 30 years. I have worked with several cooling services, but Universal is by far the best. The technicians are friendly, and they always do a great job. Whenever I need commercial AC repair or HVAC services, I always call the team at Universal!” – Rochelle Edmondson, Los Angeles, CA

persona amandaIf you need a new commercial air conditioner, give universal a call!

“I was tired of paying huge commercial AC repair bills and knew I needed a better system that could lower my high energy bills and improve my store’s indoor air quality. A representative from Universal came to my shop and went over the various systems in my price range. Universal is a great company that really cares about doing a good job and providing top-notch service.” – Amanda Shupe, Los Angeles, CA

persona michaelThe technicians were friendly and knowledgeable!

“I obtained many free estimates from the top HVAC companies in the Los Angeles, CA, area. However, I wanted more than a great price. I also wanted a company that cared about customer satisfaction, was knowledgeable and provided reasonable commercial AC repair and maintenance services. I am so glad I found Universal. They are a top-rated business in the area, and for a good reason. If you need any HVAC or cooling services, give the team a call.” – Michael Spavin, Los Angeles, CA

persona gloriaThe service was terrific!

“My building’s air conditioner hadn’t worked properly in months, and summer was approaching. I didn’t want my staff to be uncomfortable, so I called Universal Heating and Air. The team knows how to fix all brands of commercial air conditioners, including my system, which is several years old. The system is working perfectly now, and I am so pleased with the services they provided.” – Gloria Shan, Los Angeles, CA

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Peri T.

I'm Peri, the owner of Universal Heating & Air, and I'm here to save the day (or at least your AC). Our team got the skills and knowledge to handle any AC repair, installation, or maintenance job. My goal is to make sure my customers are comfortable, no matter the weather. So, if you need superheros for your AC problems, look no further!

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