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Emergency Air Conditioner Repair in Los Angeles

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Air conditioners are the key to comfort. All Los Angeles homeowners know and understand the importance of having your air conditioner working properly. California is a naturally hot climate; summers can get salty and sticky. Your indoor air quality and AC system are vital elements in your quality of life.

When something goes wrong with your air conditioner in Los Angeles, CA – the situation can become an emergency quickly. Universal Heating & Air is a Los Angeles-based companylocally owned and operated, to provide a quick fix to any problem related to heating and cooling.

avac on exterior home wall
A lot of working parts go into making sure your AC functions properly. Let the professionals give it the treatment it deserves!

ac installation in los angelesLos Angeles Leader in Air Conditioning Repair

AC repair in Los Angeles, CA, can be overwhelming when you need emergency services. When your central air conditioner suddenly fails in the middle of July, or you aren’t quite sure why it is making that funny noise – Universal Heating & Air is the only solution to your AC problem or any HVAC repairs.

It could be your heating system, heat pumps, air ducts, or air handler – you name it, we are prepared to prioritize your family’s safety and get the job done.

Full-Service HVAC System Repair Services

Our business is here to provide extraordinary services for our customers and provide our support and assistance in HVAC services. Los Angeles, CA, is a place like no other – and the people here deserve the best of the best. Air conditioning and heating units are things everyone should have access to.

When suddenly a problem arises – full-service air conditioner and heater repair services are non-negotiable. We make it our mission to provide affordable, reliable, and diverse air conditioner repair solutions to the residents of Los Angeles.

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Free Estimate for All of Your Cooling Needs

We understand the hassle of replacing your water heater, grappling with a furnace repair, or managing a new heater installation. Whether considering a new air conditioning unit and air conditioning installation or dealing with refrigerant leaks that require ac repairs, Universal Heating & Air can provide a free consultation and estimate for any essential service.

Great Customer Service & Qualified Technicians

When you first contact our air conditioning repair in Los Angeles, our staff will attempt to gain a brief understanding of what is going on and why our services are required. Our customer service agents and licensed technicians are trained, knowledgeable and talented staff – ready to tackle your heating and air conditioning emergency.

We understand that when the situation is dire, you need someone quickly. Our services are speedy solutions to what feels to be an impossible scenario.

your ac system
The AC unit – your cooling oasis in the hot desert that is the SoCal climate!

air conditioning in los angelesYour Air Conditioning System

Your air conditioning system is the backbone of your home in Los Angeles. Hot air is everywhere outside; that is the last thing you need indoors in the Spring and Summer months.

Our technicians have seen almost everything to see regarding heating and air conditioning, and their experience is handy for an emergency furnace or AC repair.

ac maintenance

ac emergency repairsAC Unit Emergency Repairs in Los Angeles, CA

You can count on our team of professionals at Universal Heating & Air whenever you are in crisis. An emergency that needs to be averted is our specialty, and when heat pumps out of your air conditioning unit – something could be terribly wrong.

We ensure we are available for anything our client demands – nights, weekends, and even holidays! Our techs are quick and efficient in handling air conditioning repair under pressure while creating custom-tailored repair plans.

Emergency Services in the Los Angeles Area

Air conditioners do not last forever, unfortunately. Sometimes having to replace faulty parts and install a new air conditioner or water heater is the only quick – but there are plenty of things to look out for to determine whether or not the things you notice are an emergency

  • Air conditioner failure.
  • Inadequate heat or complete loss of your heating system.
  • Leaking freon or leaking gas.
  • Frozen AC coils.
  • Overheating processor.
  • Hissing sounds or thunderous noises that signal malfunction.
  • Smoke or unusual smells are coming from your heating and air conditioning system.
  • Burner flames.

When to Request Service for Air Conditioning Repairs

Contact Universal Heating & Air in Los Angeles the second you notice something wrong with your heating air conditioning unit. We can schedule our techs to be dispatched to your location immediately by reaching out to our team. Your comfort, safety, and satisfaction are our most significant concerns. We understand that daily life can bring about enough stress, and additional concerns about your home’s cooling systems are the last thing you need.

Air conditioning repair is not always the most exciting aspect of life. Still, it is crucial to connect with our company when you notice an error with your home’s heating and cooling – to ensure the safety and security of yourself and your family. When you encounter something unusual or faulty with your air conditioning, our techs are highly skilled and thoroughly trained to supply the most outstanding support in inspecting and resolving any emergency issue.

Understanding Your Air Conditioning & Heating repairs

Our team will work with you, and we pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients to reach the most cost-efficient, suitable solution. Collaboration filters through the issues that arise when trying to do things yourself. Our company works as a unit for any air conditioning repair, and our technicians are EPA and NATE certified in emergencies and remain prepared for anything.

ac air temperature control problems
If your AC is not blowing air at the temperature you expect, your unit may have incurred heating coil damage

ac warning signsCommon Air Conditioner Repair Problems

No matter the situation, it is easy to become frustrated, overwhelmed, or anxious when things go wrong. Los Angeles is a busy city, and the environment alone can sometimes perpetuate those feelings. Your home should be a place you feel safe and can return to at the end of the day to rid yourself of any worries. There are many reasons your AC may malfunction, but there are a few problems our techs have seen one too many times…

Failing to Commit to Proper Maintenance

Your heating and cooling system runs on many moving parts that must work together for everything to operate correctly. Routine maintenance is necessary for your AC and heating unit. Your air ducts and filters should be properly cleaned as well.

Maintenance is required for your home, relationships, career, etc., so why would your AC be any different? Failing to continue maintenance on your unit can result in things going sideways or emergency air conditioning repair.

Connect With a Professional HVAC Repair Service

Universal Heating & Air offers routine maintenance that we schedule for you! We will reach out when it is time for your inspection and provide all the necessary maintenance for your heat and air to remain in working order.

Unprofessional HVAC System Services

While maintenance of your system can assist in the upkeep and function of your AC – unprofessional and unprepared repair service can be one of the gravest mistakes you can make as a consumer. It helps to remain informed about the certification and licensures of any company you work with or the service you seek. The more knowledge and information you have, the easier it is to interact with those you are working with – but it is not your job to do theirs. When you schedule a repair for heating or cooling issues, especially in an emergency scenario, you need a reliable team of professionals for support.

ac wiring

Hire an Experienced AC Repair Team in Los Angeles

We have offered clients our emergency HVAC service for over 50 years. In hiring the pros, you get a crew you can trust! You can depend on our expert technicians to resolve any HVAC problem, which will save you time and money by preventing the need for future repairs or another emergency service.

Outdated AC Units

The average AC unit will last you about a decade, but in modern times, more evolved technology has permitted the latest units to last longer. Old and outdated air conditioners are more prone to breakdowns and faulty parts.

Many of the emergency call our techs are dispatched are a direct result of old air conditioning units. Unfortunately, the system wears itself out, and after a while, you will need to consider the installation of a new air conditioner entirely.

Contact Five Star HVAC Services in Los Angeles, CA

Our company is committed to providing five-star service for five-star customers and maintaining the reputation we have constructed with our long-term clients. When it comes time to replace or install a new air conditioner – we are the ones for the job.

We will provide a free quote and consultation to review your options and assess what will work best for your home. We prioritize supporting your air quality options at the most affordable cost possible while maintaining quality heat and air conditioning.


ac repair company

call our team todayCall Us to Schedule Your Emergency Air Conditioner Repairs

For the highest quality emergency services and air conditioning repair in Los Angeles – put your trust in Universal Heating & Air. We have provided our service to the residents of the LA area for five decades and will continue to supply support and solutions for your air quality. When an emergency occurs, you need a business you can rely on.

Our emergency HVAC service is unlike any other in Los Angeles and guarantees customer satisfaction and relief. If you are stuck in the middle of a sticky HVAC situation, you can count on Universal Heating & Air to provide a resolution and restore safety in your home. Call us to schedule your free consult or, in case of emergency, at (323) 763-5777!

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