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Commercial AC Maintenance Los Angeles, CA

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Maintenance is required in many different aspects of our daily lives and is used to upkeep, grow, and preserve our homes, cars, and relationships. Business owners understand the concept of maintenance as they are constantly committing to maintaining their work environment, the inner workings of the workplace, and the success and production of the business itself.

When working in a commercial building, you must have industrial HVAC services and a quality air conditioning company that you can rely on. Universal Heating & Air has been servicing commercial clients and industrial heating & AC units for over 50 years – we know our way around commercial space. Our commercial services will save you from high energy bills and costly repairs. Our knowledge and expertise lend to excellent maintenance plans to keep your workspace climate comfortable and your business running to the best of its ability.

preventive maintenance for hvac units
A well maintained HVAC system will prevent malfunctions from arising in the future

maintenance iconFive-Star HVAC System Maintenance Services in Los Angeles

Universal Heating & Air serves the greater Los Angeles area, including – Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, and neighboring cities. We offer a full range of commercial HVAC systems, services, and maintenance plans.

Your commercial air conditioner deserves regular upkeep and pampering too! Commercial AC repair costs can become something you dread – usually because you are running a business, which is your top priority. When your HVAC system becomes a hurdle you have to cross or an inconvenience you have to deal with – it is time to bring in the professionals to get the job done right.

Universal Heating & Air – A Los Angeles HVAC Company You Can Trust

Commercial HVAC systems require technicians with industrial knowledge and expertise. All our technicians are NATE & EPA certified, with tremendous experience with air conditioning repair, replacement, installation, and regular maintenance.

We offer competitive prices for energy-efficient, long-term cooling solutions. Commercial business owners know that the facilities for your operation take up a good chunk of change for the yearly budget. Los Angeles, CA, is not known for being affordable, and aside from the mortgage or rental rates – energy expenses and utility bills can become costly.

Having someone you can rely on for your commercial air conditioner and heating system can help tremendously. Universal Heating and Air is locally owned and operated out of Los Angeles. We are licensed, bonded, and insured with highly skilled technicians, a dedicated dispatch unit, and customer care representatives!

Free estimates & Assessments for all proper maintenance plans

Commercial HVAC systems require a ton of energy for operation, and maintenance is required to ensure their continued use for your office or business. Commercial heating and air are essential requirements for everyone’s daily lives in Los Angeles. This is why we offer a free estimate for all our commercial clients!

Your free estimate allows you to evaluate maintenance plans in detail and the possibility of new units for your office or warehouse. Free estimates include a full breakdown of charges and explicit details regarding the services rendered. Commercial AC, your heating system, and indoor air quality can even cause health issues if you do not commit to the required upkeep of your building’s equipment.

We want to prevent any negative issues before they happen by being proactive and completing the necessary preservation and inspections for your commercial HVAC system.

los angeles in the sun
Don’t be at the mercy of the Southern California sun. Our HVAC options will help you find the right system to keep your business cool

HVAC heating and coolingCommercial HVAC System Service Options in Los Angeles, CA

Air conditioning is not a luxury but a necessity, especially for Los Angeles businesses. All employees deserve peace in knowing they have superior HVAC equipment and the comfort of a cool working environment.

Commercial HVAC services are a serious job; if you aren’t quite sure what you are doing or if you are working with a company that is not certified – things can become very dangerous. Universal Heating and Air Los Angeles provide top-notch commercial HVAC services and a wide variety of service options.

Commercial Heating Services

You and your employees must rely on your commercial heating system each year when Fall & Winter come around. Inspections are essential twice a year to keep everything running smoothly, but Universal Heating and Air offer more than just upkeep for HVAC equipment…

  • Heat System Repair
  • Heating Installation or Replacement
  • Emergency Services
  • Heat Pump Repair
  • Ductwork
  • Thermostat Assistance
  • Filter Replacement
  • Mold Inspections
  • Routine Maintenance

Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Your AC system acts as the nucleus of comfort for the workplace. California and the entire Los Angeles area are exposed to direct sunlight year-round, and the temperature has been recording high in recent years. Universal Heating and Air can do just about any job requested, so long as it’s in the realm of commercial HVAC systems.

We offer air conditioning repair, inspection, and a diverse range of services

  • AC Unit Installation
  • AC Repair
  • Commercial Air conditioning Inspections
  • Evaporator Coil Replacement & Compressor Repairs
  • Ducting & Drainage Repairs
  • Refrigerant Leaks
  • Emergency Response
  • Troubleshooting

Maintenance Options

HVAC installations, AC repair, and replacement are crucial when you control the temperature of your business. Protecting your HVAC system investment provides several benefits aside from conserving the equipment.

We also supply our own conveniences to make things easier for you and to ensure your commercial air conditioning is functioning to the best of its ability!

Different Plans Available – AC units need attention once a year, but commercial air conditioning should be serviced twice yearly. We can come twice a year and provide inspections in between and optional repair options to keep your business nice and cool throughout the Los Angeles Summer!

Auto Reminders – Our commercial customers are busy running their own businesses, so we have created an automatic system to remind you of your upcoming appointment. These reminders will allow you to schedule a visit (if one is not already on the books) and confirm or reschedule your upcoming appointment.

Air Conditioning Repair Discounts – If your company is enrolled in one of our plans for maintaining your HVAC system, you will receive a discount on any repairs needed for your commercial AC or HVAC unit. If you are a part of our preferred service plan, you deserve a break from any issues that may arise!

Extended Equipment Life – Regular upkeep on your commercial AC units will significantly benefit your business. When you are committed to preserving the quality of your equipment, you are also helping to increase your air conditioner’s total lifespan, limiting the number of HVAC services you will require.

Additional Commercial HVAC Services

Our technicians service residential HVAC systems too! If you are looking for quality service for your home and business – Universal Heating and Air is there!

Our customers have long been raving about the work we do, and we make it our top priority to ensure their safety, comfort, and satisfaction!

rooftop hvac unit
The size of your HVAC will be proportional to the size of your business property. Larger workplaces require more heavy duty units

large hvac unitHow Commercial HVAC Systems Work…

Commercial clients usually reach out to us when there is a problem with their HVAC services because the equipment is complicated, and the issues can become complex. They are rather bulky units, and there is typically more than one air conditioner source for commercial spaces.

Air conditioners are meant to provide cool air throughout the entire facility – similar to what they produce for residential households. Still, they offer a cool climate for a larger quantity of people.

Commercial heating & air conditioning installation

Commercial air conditioning installation and heating units are just as compounded as the systems. When deciding what is right for your business, there are different factors to consider:

  1. Square Feet of the building/warehouse/office
  2. Location and Natural Climate
  3. Current Duct System (or lack thereof)
  4. Cost
  5. Type of System
  6. The kind of system largely depends on all these factors and what will work best for your building. There are four main options for commercial AC.

Single Split System – compact in nature, reasonably priced, and has a centralized system ideal for smaller spaces.

Multi Split Systems – able to cool larger businesses with multiple rooms and can be run indoors efficiently.

Variable Refrigerant Flow – the most energy-efficient commercial AC systems so that you will see BIG savings on your energy bill. They can cool and heat large commercial businesses.

Complex Air Conditioning & Heating Units

A commercial HVAC system is very complex, as we already mentioned. You want to work with a licensed professional to ensure you receive the proper services to maintain the system.

Drainage and Air Ducts

The drainage and air ducts can cause customers issues, which are common repair problems in commercial facilities. To keep your units from leaking, keep attending to your HVAC systems!

HVAC System Size

A commercial HVAC unit is much larger than a residential because it has to release more energy and pump cool air and heat throughout a much larger space.

Keep Your Air Conditioners Working Properly

Customers opt to maintain their HVAC unit and commit to regular upkeep to avoid needing HVAC repair. When you become a part of the Universal Heating and Air family, we will ensure that your HVAC system is always in its best condition so that your workplace remains nice and cool!

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining your unit will also help with your indoor air quality as all filters are replaced during inspection. We also check for any mold or hazardous leaks to ensure the safety of our commercial customers and their employees.

large network of ventilation shafts
No cookie-cutter servicing here. We will tailor a HVAC package that suits your needs!

maintenance optionsMaintenance Plans Available in Southern California

Commercial HVAC systems require the highest amount of conservation. They are large systems, and they are responsible for heating and cooling several people. We offer each client the ability to select which plan works best for their air conditioners. You are doing your HVAC units a favor when you commit to routine inspections – you will also reap the benefits!

Preventative Maintenance for Your Commercial Air Conditioner

Maintaining your commercial HVAC system comes with many advantages and helps to prevent the need for repairs or breakdowns. When you service your unit regularly, you will increase its lifespan and provide preventative benefits.

Your inspection will include the following:

  • Air Filter Replacements.
  • Relay, Wiring, Contact & Capacitor Inspection.
  • Cleaning of the Condenser Coil.
  • Condenser Fan Motor/Blades Inspection.
  • Clean Drain Lines.
  • Checking the Air Temperature Split.
  • Inspect the Outdoor Disconnect Box.
  • Checking the Refrigerant Charge.
  • Complete Inspection of the system’s condition and any additional recommendations will be made/concerns addressed.

Proper Inspections for Your Heating Systems

We service commercial heat systems and provide all the same inspection plans as offered for the air conditioning. Your equipment should be inspected a couple of times a year, but if you prefer additional inspections – our techs will come out as often as you need!

Your heat system inspection will include the following:

  • Air Filter Replacements.
  • Examination of Igniter, Pilot Light & Burners.
  • Ductwork Inspection.
  • Check Blower Wheel and Motor.
  • Check air quality and Carbon Monoxide levels.
  • Review the system’s condition, concerns, and suggestions.
air vent with rust
Routine maintenance will prevent premature wear and tear on your ventilation system

routine maintenance servicing for your HVACCommercial HVAC Systems Require Routine Maintenance

Universal Heating and Air aim to provide elite service for maintaining air conditioning. We understand the importance of maintaining a secure working environment and want to continue providing our commercial clientele with the best heat and cooling options in all of California!

Perks of Proper Maintenance

When summertime rolls around, you want to avoid being stuck in an office with a lackluster air conditioning system! Being proactive and subscribing to routine inspections will pay off in more ways than just your utility bills…

  • Cleaner, better, and cooler air quality.
  • Comfort all throughout the Spring and Summer.
  • Energy efficiency and lower energy bills.
  • Avoiding costly repairs.
  • A longer life for your commercial AC unit!
client contacting our team
Let the boys at Universal Heat and Air schedule your next commercial HVAC check-up today!

call us todayContact Our Expert Technicians to Schedule Your HVAC Maintenance Today

Universal Heating and Air delivers the highest quality in commercial HVAC services, and we intend to prioritize our customer’s needs for their air conditioning systems. Our innovative approach and decades of experience continue to serve our clients with their best interests in mind.

customer satisfactionCustomer Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

If you are interested in beginning the process of maintaining your HVAC systems, call (323) 763-5777 to receive a free quote and assessment on all the plans we have available – you won’t be disappointed!

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