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furnace part costs in los angeles

What is the Most Expensive Part to Fix on a Furnace?

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Several things can go wrong with your furnace, from blowing cool air to short cycling. However, as a homeowner, how do you know what is wrong and how much it will cost? Not all furnace repairs are created equally, and the furnace repair cost of several components is much higher than others.

Regardless of the problem, the Universal Heating & Air team has got you covered. With over 20 years of experience serving the amazing people of the Los Angeles area, we can quickly and efficiently diagnose and repair any variety of furnaces on the market.

Working out the budget for your furnace repair work? The age and model of the unit will play a factor.

do furnace repairs vary in costDo Furnace Repair Costs Vary by Type?

Yes, the cost of what you will pay can vary greatly depending on the variety and manufacturer of your furnace. If you are concerned with replacing components on your older model furnace, don’t worry; we offer free estimates and will only repair a furnace once the homeowner understands the overall cost.

average furnace costWhat Is the Average Furnace Repair Cost?

In addition to the make, model, and manufacturer of the furnace, the cost of the component, labor, and other factors will determine the cost of repairing a furnace. For example, air filter replacement costs will typically be far less than replacing a significant component, such as blower motors, gas valves, or an ignition switch. In Los Angeles, California, the average furnace repair cost is anywhere between $300 to $2,000 in total.

Just as your heart pumps blood through your body, so your inducer motor pumps warm air through your AC network

inducer motor hot airInducer Motor

Typically, the most expensive component on your furnace to have replaced is the draft inducer motor. The part is found on the top portion of your heating unit and plays a critical role in the heating cycle. This motor-driven fan blows heated air through the entire heating system, including the furnace and air ducts.

If the inducer motor is faulty, the furnace will switch on, but no air will move through the system. A failsafe in the furnace will shut the unit off entirely if the inducer motor does not turn on.

Depending on the model, make, and brand of the inducer motor, the cost of parts is anywhere between $600 to $1,300. The labor costs to install the new motor are between $300 to $600. The total replacement costs are from $900 to $1,900.

Blower motors can be relatively inexpensive to replace compared to inducers.

Blower MotorBlower Motor

The blower motor is typically found in the bottom portion of a furnace and sits inside a large cylindrical case called a squirrel cage and is critical because it helps push warm air into your home. There are three main varieties of blower motors: variable speed blower motors, permanent split-capacitor, and electronically commutated motors.

The price of simple blower motor repairs can be very inexpensive, especially if you are not replacing the squirrel cage. However, you will typically pay more if you have an older model furnace and need a new variable-speed blower motor.

The average cost of a total blower motor replacement is between $330 to $960. A new blower motor costs between $150 and $600, while labor costs between $180 and $330. However, be aware that if you have an older model furnace and need the entire blower motor and assembly replaced, you could spend more than $2,000.

heat exchangerHeat Exchanger

As the name suggests, heat exchangers transfer hot air from one place to another. The component is located near the burners and is in every natural gas furnace.

In addition to mixing hot and cold air, which creates the comfortable, warm air you feel coming from your registers, the heat exchanger plays another crucial role: It helps eliminate unwanted combustion gases from the air circulating through the home.

The heat exchanger is definitely one of the most expensive components on your furnace to replace. The cost of the component is between $400 to $600. Swapping out the heat exchanger is a labor-intensive job that can take several hours to complete. The labor cost can vary and is between $200 to $400. The overall cost of replacing a heat exchanger is between $600 to $1,000.

If you suspect your furnace’s heat exchanger is damaged, it is critical to contact the professionals at Universal Heating & Air right away. A cracked heat exchanger can cause dangerous carbon monoxide gases to leak into your home.

evaporator coil furnace
The evaporator coil, housed above the furnace here, stores refrigerant for your AC unit and is responsible for cooling your home

evaporator coilEvaporator Coil

The evaporator coil plays a crucial role in your HVAC system, especially if you own a central air conditioner in addition to a furnace. When you run the furnace, this component creates a comfortable temperature by helping condition the air. As far as the central AC is concerned, the coil houses refrigerant, and when warm air is blown over the coil, it is cooled and dispersed through the home.

Evaporator coils are manufactured from different metals, and the brand and variety of coils will dictate the replacement price—a replacement coil costs anywhere from $150 to $550. The cost of labor is between $300 to $700. The overall cost is between $450 to $1,250.

Additionally, if you have an older model HVAC system that uses R22 refrigerant, you may need to have the system’s coolant recharged.

combustion chamberCombustion Chamber

A combustion chamber is found in all oil furnaces and natural gas furnaces, and as the name would suggest, the chamber is where gas is burned to create the heat that warms your home. Your furnace will either feature a sealed or atmospheric combustion chamber. The cost to replace this component depends on the type of chamber, the manufacturer, and the furnace’s age.

The cost of the chamber is typically between $250 to $400. The labor costs your HVAC contractor will charge between $300 to $500. The overall total is between $550 to $900.

thermostat replacement cost
The cost of thermostats vary depending on the simplicity or complexity of the model you choose!

thermostat iconThermostat Replacement

All HVAC units require a thermostat to control the temperature of the home. There are several different varieties of thermostats available, and because of this, the overall cost can vary greatly. For example, you will pay far more for a state-of-the-art programmable touchscreen thermostat than a simple, old-fashioned dial model.

Because of this, the average price of a thermostat repair or replacement can vary wildly. The cost of a new thermostat is between $100-$650. Installing a thermostat costs between $100-$150, making the total cost between $200-$800. HVAC contractors can help you determine the ideal thermostat model for your home and needs.

gas valveGas Valve Replacement

The gas valve controls the flow of natural gas and is critical to ensure the furnace runs properly, and there is always the ideal gas pressure and a mixture of gas and air. This valve is found on all gas and propane furnaces and should always be replaced by a professional.

A replacement gas valve costs between $350-$550, and labor costs between $120 to $200. The overall cost of replacing the valve is between $470-$750.

flue pipe
Ensuring gas fumes can make their way out of your home safely, flue pipes are rather inexpensive to replace compared to other areas of your furnace

Flue Pipe Replacement

A common furnace repair that many homeowners overlook, the flue pipe is necessary to vent gas fumes out of your home. Often, the flue pipe can become damaged or clogged and require an upgrade. The entire cost of the flue pipe kit is between $180-$200. The cost of labor is between $250-$400. The overall cost for this type of furnace repair service is between $430-$600.

It’s true; all of your appliances today run on circuitry. Including your furnace! Wear and tear on those cables and chips will require repairs every so often.

Circuit Board Replacement

The circuit board or control board controls the ignition sequence of your furnace. It is basically the brain of your furnace, and if there is an issue with the circuit board, it can often be challenging to diagnose. A control board replacement ranges from $150 to $400.

The labor cost to install the new control board can be anywhere from $200 to $400, making the overall cost to replace the control board $350 to $800.

Additional Common Furnace Repairs

In addition to the furnace repairs mentioned above, there are other common repairs that are typically less expensive but still critical to your furnace’s overall health and efficiency.

Furnace Filter Replacement

Dirty air filters can create a world of problems inside your furnace and throughout your home. An HVAC technician can help you determine the best type of furnace filters for your furnace model and needs. Contact a technician from Universal Heating & Air to determine the cost of replacing your dirty furnace filters and which type of filter is best for you.

Pressure Switch Replacement

Furnaces will feature a low-pressure or high-pressure switch, and the cost to replace each varies. The pressure switch’s job is to shut down the furnace if the unit senses any negative pressure coming from the draft inducer motor.

HVAC companies in Los Angeles charge between $70 to $500 to replace the pressure switch, which includes the labor and part.

Flame Sensor Replacement or Repair

Your furnace’s flame sensor is a crucial safety component inside the burner assembly. The flame sensor’s job is determining if a flame is burning inside the assembly. If you experience the dreaded short cycling, there is a big chance the culprit is a damaged or dirty flame sensor.

The cost to repair the flame sensor is cheaper than replacing it; often, HVAC technicians must clean the sensor, and if it still doesn’t work, replacing a flame sensor costs between $250 to $500.

Furnace Ignitor

As the name would suggest, your furnace ignitor is a small metal piece found between the heat exchanger and the burners. An ignitor replacement is very straightforward and will typically not break the bank. This is a standard furnace service, and different furnace models feature different types of ignitors.

The cost of the component is between $100 to $275. The labor and service call costs between $120 to $200, and the total costs are $220 to $475.

Pilot Light Replacement

Most newer model furnaces do not feature a pilot light, which is a small flame found on a gas furnace. The pilot light is necessary to ignite the furnace, and if it goes out, it can either be reignited by a professional, or you need to have the entire pilot light replaced.

A pilot light replacement costs between $400 to $700, including the component and the labor.

Furnace Transformer

It is the job of your furnace transformer to convert the electrical power flowing into the furnace into a lower voltage. The cost of a new component is between $55 to $150. It will cost between $150 to $250 to have the part installed. The overall total of a new transformer is between $205 and $400.

If you’re always on the go, it can be difficult setting aside time for repairs. What to do? Follow these useful guidelines and you shouldn’t have to worry about emergency call-outs for a while!

How Can I Avoid Furnace Repairs in the Future?

Purchasing furnace parts and seeking professional furnace repair services can be expensive. Luckily, there are several ways you can avoid furnace repairs and even lower your utility bills in the process.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

One of the most straightforward ways to extend the life of your furnace and avoid furnace repairs is to schedule yearly maintenance. Furnace maintenance is essential, and when you work with the Universal Heating & Air team, we can help you, as a homeowner, lower your annual furnace maintenance costs with a proven furnace maintenance program.

Replace Your Air Filters Often

Suppose you have a propane gas furnace, a natural gas furnace or are considering electric furnaces for your home. In that case, you must always replace the air filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This is the most critical component of regular maintenance and is a fast and inexpensive way to protect your family and extend the life of your furnace.

Avoid DIY Repairs

The cost of a typical furnace repair depends on various factors but includes the cost of labor. In an effort to lessen the cost of maintaining your furnace, you might be considering tackling furnace repairs on your own. Be aware that, in most cases, this is a horrible idea.

Your furnace is a sophisticated piece of machinery that should always be serviced, repaired, and replaced by a professional.

Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?

The cost to maintain your furnace is beginning to rise, and now that the furnace is getting older and less efficient, chances are you are asking yourself a critical question: Should I repair or replace my furnace?

The average lifespan of a residential furnace is between 15 to 20 years. If you maintain the furnace properly, which includes scheduling a yearly inspection, your furnace can last even longer!

However, if your furnace is getting older and you are facing a potentially costly repair, you might want to consider having a new furnace installed by the professionals at Universal Heating & Air.

Call us today at (323) 763-5777 to discuss your options and determine the overall cost of a furnace repair cost or replacement. We will schedule an appointment for an HVAC technician to come over and inspect your entire system.

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